$100  BEEF BOX

12 lbs. Ground Beef

1 Packaged Roast

1 Package of Steaks

12% Savings

$300  BEEF BOX

36 lbs. Ground Beef

3 Packaged Roast

3 Package of Steaks

12% Savings

$200  BEEF BOX

24 lbs. Ground Beef

2 Packaged Roast

2 Package of Steaks

12% Savings

$400  BEEF BOX

48 lbs. Ground Beef

4 Packaged Roast

4 Package of Steaks

12% Savings


Whole Beef - Down Payment

You'll pay $3.70/lb of hanging weight. This $400 is your down payment. 

The average whole beef hanging weight is 800 lbs ($2,960.00).

Down Payment


Half Beef - Down Payment

You'll pay $3.70/lb.  of hanging weight.  This $200.00 is your down payment.

The average 1/2 beef hanging weight is 400 lbs ($1,480). 

Down Payment


Quarter Beef - Down Payment

You'll pay $3.70/lb. of hanging weight. This $200.00 is your down payment.  


The average 1/4 beef hanging weight is 200 lbs ($740)


Down Payment


*These are average weights and will vary depending on animal size and condition. These  are down payments - the remaining will be due after the final weight is figured.  We will contact you to complete the purchase. 

Stewart GrassFed Wholesale Beef Packages are available for Sale

(Our Wholesale Prices Include Normal Butchering Costs)

1/4 Beef $3.70/lb.  ~200 lbs hanging weight (around 150 lbs in freezer)

1/2 Beef $3.70/lb.  ~400 lbs hanging weight  (around 300 lbs in the freezer)

Whole Beef $3.70/lb.  ~800 lbs hanging weight  (around 600 lbs in the freezer)

     *price includes normal cutting & wrapping


What is Included With Your Order

Because we believe in trying to simplify your experience in buying Stewart Grassfed Beef, we have included all the normal cutting and wrapping of your beef in the price. So you get meat and normal cutting and wrapping and pay only one bill. Any additional processing such as beef sticks, smoking, or making preformed hamburger patties will be an extra charge by the butcher.



Ground Beef

Smart Buying Box:

Buying a box of beef can help reduce costs for families who use more beef.

Per Pound



Looking for a great roasts to feed your family for longer than 1-2 meals - roasts are a perfect fit.  check out our facebook page for some great recipes.

Per Pound



Steak doesn't have to be only for special occasions!  Stewart Grass-fed Beef prices affordable steaks so that you can enjoy the luxury of steak more often!

Per Pound

$12 - $14


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